The MOST Awards was conceived in 2009.

MOST Awards is inherently an annual measure of the service efficacy of providers in the South African Media Industry. The primary objective of the MOST Awards is to recognise and rank South African based media owner sales teams and their media agency partners in terms of the service that they provide to each other. The overall goal of the MOST Awards is to motivate media owners and media agencies to improve the efficacy of their businesses through service performance.

The MOST Awards is conducted annually as a market research survey that is administered by Freshly Ground Insights (FGI). FGI and Wag The Dog Publishers have compiled an extensive database of the media owner and media agency universe in South Africa, which they use to invite via email media owners and media agencies to participate in the online-based survey.

Media agency employees are invited to rate the performance of the media owner sales teams with whom they have frequent contact, and vice versa. The survey asks respondents to select the companies that they wish to vote for and requires that they be scored against a number of specific performance criteria. Typically, media owners and media agencies are rated against six performance criteria:

The Six Criteria for the Media Owner survey (completed by media agencies):

  1. Knowledge of own brands and the media landscape
  2. Sales service Delivery
  3. Administration Delivery
  4. Knowledge of client brands and the market landscape
  5. Innovation
  6.  Involvement

The Six Criteria for the Media Agency survey (completed by media owners):

  1. Knowledge of client brands and market landscape
  2. Communication
  3. Knowledge of the media landscape
  4. Professionalism
  5. Involvement
  6. Administration and Buying

The MOST Awards for media agencies ranks companies according to the primary service that they provide:

  • Full service agencies
  • Specialist agencies

In addition to ranking companies by “category” the MOST Awards recognises the best overall media owner and media agency in terms of their overall performance score (overall MOST score). The overall MOST score is a metric that is calculated by applying weightings for each rating criteria against a company’s average score for each criteria respectively.  So, a company’s MOST Score is the weighted average of its criteria scores.

The MOST Awards has run annually from 2009.



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