The Bell Award honours an individual who, though not working for a media owner or agency, has made an exceptional contribution to the betterment of the media sector.  It acknowledges someone who is trustworthy, reliable, long serving, who you can turn to in times of conflict/indecision and whom you can rely on to supply facts and back them up.

Jos Kuper is the inaugural winner of the Bell Award. Her contribution to the South African research and media fraternity has been invaluable and significant. Future generations of market and media researchers will be richer for her influence in the field.

Kuper is a research professional with more than 40 years of experience. She is the founder of Kuper Research, a consultancy specialising in media, marketing and socio-political analysis. Prior to that she was the MD of Marketing and Media Research for 21 years, a wholly owned subsidiary of Independent Newspapers.

She is one of the independent researchers responsible for the futurefact survey that has been monitoring the significant social, political and economic attitudinal changes in our country since 1998. Kuper has presented many papers internationally, consults for universities and business schools, and has worked in the media field in several countries.

Industry leaders describe her as an exceptional individual who rises above petty politics to offer sage guidance and advice based on her deep knowledge of what research can and cannot achieve. Her international and local experience is acknowledged as superior and her willingness to share insights and trends with media owners, agencies and marketers is legendary. Despite this, Kuper remains a humble South African willing to learn and contribute wherever she can.

Lauren Shapiro, research partner at Kuper Research, says, “My partnership with Jos has been one of enormous meaning to me, our continual learning and sharing of ideas has been an absolute source of stimulation and inspiration. Jos never approaches research in the ‘same old way’, she is always looking for ways of breaking the mould and of being sure she is on top of new media and methodologies.’

“Her approach to every project is as a clean slate, with each having its own particular needs and methods while at the same time drawing on her many years of deep and broad experience. There is nothing ‘cookie cutter’ about her – she is a unique and original thinker.”